Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Academic Schedule

Summer Semester 2017 Academic Calendar
Date Information
April 1 Priority Deadline to Apply for Admission and Readmission for Summer 2017
April 5 Advisement and Regular Registration for Summer and Fall 2017 begins
May 15 Registration for TAP Personnel is available.
May 18 Final registration for A‐Term & Full Term Classes
May 22 A‐Term & Full Term Classes begin for Summer Term.
Attendance Verification by Faculty begins.
May 22 – 24 Drop/add and payment of fees for Full Term & Counseling and Educational Leadership Summer
Program (CEL). Courses cannot be added after May 24. No refund will be made for courses voluntarily
dropped after May 24. This does not apply to withdrawals from school.
May 29 Memorial Day Observed
May 30 Deadline for Attendance Verification by Faculty by 1:00 PM.
June 1 Deadline to apply for Admission and Readmission for Fall Semester
June 5 Fee payment deadline by 4:00 p.m. (Proposed)
A‐Term Midterms
June 7 Deadline to withdraw without academic penalty with a grade of "W" for A‐Term Classes
June 19 Deadline for B‐Term Registration
June 20 A‐Term Last Date of Scheduled Classes
June 20 ‐ 21 Full‐Term Midterm Exams
June 21 ‐ 22 A‐Term final exams
June 22 Mid‐term grades for Full‐Term Classes due in Banner
June 26 Deadline to withdraw without academic penalty with a grade of "W" for Full‐Term Classes
First day of B‐Term Classes
June 29 Deadline for Attendance Verification for B‐Term by Faculty by 1:00 PM.
July 4 Independence Day Observed
July 11 Last Day to drop B‐Term Classes without Academic Penalty
July 25 Last date of Scheduled Classes for B‐Term and Full Term
July 26 – 27 B‐Term and Full Term Final Examinations.
August 1 Grades due in Banner
August 3 End of Term Grades viewable on BannerWeb

Updated 8/15/16

Final Day of Attendance in All classes is the last day of Term Final Examinations.
See the undergraduate catalog (on web) for “WF policy after 16-hour limit.
Albany State University reserves the right to make changes to the Academic Calendar when necessary.