Managing your Budget

Budget Money


Run the Budget Activity Report from the beginning of the fiscal year in Budget Period 2019.
PeopleSoft link:

  1. Enter User ID and Password

    Budget Image

  2. Navigation Access: Navigation Bar>Navigator>BOR Menus>BOR General Ledgers> BOR GL Reports>Budget Activity Reports
  3. Click Navigation Bar (NavBar). 
    Navigation Access: Navigation Bar>Navigator>BOR Menus>

    BOR Menus

  4. Click BOR General Ledger.

    BOR General Ledger

  5. Navigation Access: BOR General Ledgers> BOR GL Reports

    BOR Gl Reports

  6. Navigation Access: Budget Activity Reports

    Step 3

  7. Click the “Add a New Value” tab for establishing the “New” Run Control ID.
    New Value” tab for establishing the “New” Run Control ID

  8. Enter "BUD_ACTIVITY_RPT" name in the Run Control ID field. 

    (Click “Find an Existing Value” once run control has been established or you may “Add to Favorites”Star).


    1. Click Budget Activity Detail Report and/or Budget Activity Summary Report.
    2. Enter Business Unit “22000
    3. Enter "2019" in the Budget Reference field.
    4. Enter "2019" From and To Fiscal Year.
    5. Enter "1" in the From Accounting Period field." (1 = July)
    6. Enter "12" in the To Accounting Period field. (12 = June)
    7. Enter Fund Code
    8. Enter Department Number in the “From and To” Department Section.
    9. Enter Account Code in the From (600000) and To (870100) in the Account Code Section.
    10. Click Save
    11. Click the Run button.

    Budget Activities Report

  9. Click Ok

    Process Scheduler

  10. Click Process monitor

    Process monitor

  11. Click Refresh until Success Posted

    Refresh Success Posted

  12. Click Details


  13. Click Log Trace

    Log Trace

  14. Click Name of Report from File List
    [Enter] (BORRG040 – Summary or BORRG045 - Detail)

    file List

  15. Congratulations! You have just completed Running Budget Activity Report.

    Activity Report