Program Administration

The Title III Program is vital to the growth and stability of Albany State University. The administration of the Title III Program is carried out in a manner to support the overall infrastructure of various programs and services at the University. The President assumes full responsibility for the administration of the program. Specific day-to-day authority and responsibility has been assigned to the Director of Title III Programs. The Director who reports directly to the President is responsible for the overall management of the program. The University President and the Executive Council of the University are kept abreast of program activities including policy decisions and matters concerning federal and state regulations. The Operations Committee comprised of all activity directors, the Title III Director and the Title III administrative staff meets at least once per semester during the academic year. The Director of Title III Programs serves as chair of the committee. The Title III Program Administrative Staff ensures compliance to U.S. regulations, monitors accomplishments of approved objectives stated within the approved proposals, serves as the connection for the University to the U.S. Department of Education.