CECE OrgSync Terms & Definitions

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Basic Terms

Term Definition
BMS (Budget Management System) BMS is an add-on feature allowing campuses to manage the annual budgeting processes of portals in their community.
CCT (Co-Curricular Transcript) The CCT is the official record of involvement for each student. Involvement in OrgSync can be added and removed from this document.
Community The community provides the foundation for your private online campus network. Every community is managed by administrators who have the authority to oversee and manage all aspects of the platform, including departments, organizations, and students.
Community Home The community home is the landing page for users logging into your OrgSync community. This area of OrgSync provides users a digest of content from featured portals and also their memberships. Users can view upcoming events, browse organizations, browse service partners (if enabled), and more.
Custom User Profile OrgSync requires a name and email from every user. Each community has the ability to set up additional custom profile fields that users must complete. This information will display on various user exports.
ePortfolio The ePortfolio is a personal website to organize, showcase, and reflect on academic coursework, co-curricular involvement, and employment.
Global Navigation Bar The global navigation bar appears at the top of every OrgSync page and it consists of several tools like Global Search, My Memberships, and the User Drawer.
Global Search Global Search, located in the Global Navigation bar, is a search tool that allows users to search their community for everything they have access to (i.e. events, forms, photo albums).