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Collage of ASU students

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All submissions will be shared with the Institutional Strategic Planning Committee, which includes representatives of ASU students, faculty and staff as well as the city and county, school system, businesses, health systems, military and local media, among others.  To extend our reach as widely as possible, we are also planning to hold at least one listening session in each of the 26 counties served by ASU in the Southwest Georgia region.  The needs of the broader community and region will be addressed during this process. Therefore, your knowledge and resources will be helpful.  Your collaborative support of this effort is appreciated.

This site contains updates on progress in the planning process. You are encouraged to visit often. 

Albany State University Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Guiding Principles

  1. Guiding Principle One: Realize the Power of Better Together - Integrate programs, policies, procedures, and cultural traditions in ways that build synergistically on the strengths of ASU and DSC to ensure a smooth and seamless institutional consolidation, out of which a new ASU emerges that is more efficient, effective, and successful than ever.
    1. Evidence of a successful Consolidation Prospectus, consolidation approval from
      SACSCOC, and official consolidation in January 2017.
    2. Evidence that the initial consolidated ASU and DSC payrolls were operational and
      accurate in January 2017 and remained accurate at the start of the new fiscal year (July
      2017) and academic year (August 2017).
    3. Evidence that the initial consolidated operating budget for FY 2017-18 for the new
      ASU was successfully and accurately prepared and approved in June 2017.
    4. Evidence that federal financial aid accounts for DSC and ASU were successfully
      merged for the new ASU in time for smooth and seamless distributions of student aid at
      the start-up of Fall Semester.
    5. Evidence of a smooth and seamless regular and late registration process for Fall
      Semester 2017 in August 2017.
    6. Evidence of a seamless and accurate consolidation of DSC and ASU student records
      in Banner for the new ASU.
    7. Evidence of a turnaround in fall enrollment trends with an increase for Fall 2017.
    8. Evidence of an improved financial condition for the new ASU in FY 2017-18 over FY
    9. Evidence from FY 2016-17 financial aid audits of improved management of federal
      student aid administration.
    10. Evidence from FY 2016-17 institutional audits of sound financial management.
    11. Evidence of the new ASU's continuing compliance with SACSCOC requirements in
      the Report of the Substantive Change Committee in fall 2017.
  2. Guiding Principle Two: Aspire to Excellence - in teaching and learning, thus becoming the first-choice institution for students from southwest Georgia and garnering recognition as a premier southern regional university.
    1. Evidence of educational program quality as reflected in visiting review committee
      reports and national re-accreditations attained in 2017.
    2. Evidence of high passing rates of ASU graduates on their licensing and certification
      exams in 2017.
    3. Evidence in admission records for Fall 2017 of ASU's first-choice status by
      prospective students as compared to the previous years’ data.
    4. Evidence of ASU awards and public recognitions received for academic excellence in 2017.
  3. Guiding Principle Three: Embrace Diversity - As a historically black institution and led by a highly-diverse faculty and staff, Albany State University will embrace diversity in all its forms - including age, gender identity, race and ethnicity, country of origin, religion, ability level, sexual orientation, and veteran status – and seek to foster a similar acceptance and celebration of that diversity.
    1. Evidence of increased diversity in the student body and employees of ASU in Fall
      2017 compare to Fall 2016.
    2. Evidence of positive attitudes toward student and employee diversity in 2017 from
      campus surveys.
    3. Evidence of institutional recognitions, awards, and celebrations involving diversity in
      the campus and local communities in 2017.
  4. Guiding Principle Four: Expand Access to Higher Education - As an access institution, Albany State University will promote student success for all by welcoming students from varying levels of academic preparation, keeping costs low, offering flexible class times and instructional odalities, and pairing high student expectations with exceptional mentoring, advising, and tutoring.
    1. Evidence of increased enrollment in Fall 2017 compared to Fall 2016 of students in
      different categories of academic preparation.
    2. Evidence of efforts made in 2017 to keep the costs of attending the ASU low
      compared to peer institutions in other states.
    3. Evidence of expanded online course and program offerings and other means of
      providing flexible class times in 2017.
    4. Evidence of improvements made in mentoring, advising, and tutoring services in
  5. Guiding Principle Five: Elevate Historically Undeserved Populations - Albany State University will recognize and address the many challenges that face African Americans and other students of color, adult learners, first generation students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and others from undeserved populations, and form strong partnerships with K-12, government agencies, and community outreach organizations to increase access and success rates.
    1. Evidence of improved retention and graduation rates in 2017 for all ASU students,
      also applicable to the different historically underserved populations.
    2. Evidence of new and improved services provided at ASU in 2017 specifically aimed at
      supporting the success of historically underserved populations.
    3. Evidence of institutional partnership formed in 2017 with K-12, government
      agencies, and community outreach organization to increase access and success rates of
      historically underserved populations.
  6. Guiding Principle Six: Promote Economic Development - As part of its commitment to teaching and learning, Albany State University will promote economic development in Albany and throughout southwest Georgia by engaging in applied research, aligning its resources in support of identified needs, developing and enhancing academic programs to meet evolving needs, forming broad strategic partnerships, supplying a trained workforce, and fostering a sense of entrepreneurship.
    1. Evidence of increases in grants and contracts received by ASU in 2017 to support
      research and development.
    2. Evidence of educational program development and expansion in 2017 that
      addresses workforce shortages and training demands in the community and its different
    3. Evidence of partnerships formed in 2017 with entities in the community or region
      that are aimed at promoting economic development.
    4. Evidence of expanded educational programs in 2017 to foster entrepreneurship and
      business start-ups.
    5. Evidence of other alignments of institutional programs and resources in support of
      identified community needs or interests.
  7. Guiding Principle Seven: Attract and Retain Talented Personnel - Recruit and sustain a highly talented and expert team of faculty, staff, and administrators who collaborate effectively and efficiently with each other to achieve the vision, mission and strategic goals of the university.
    1. Evidence that key leadership positions were filled in 2017 with personnel who were
      qualified for their positions