By focusing on the core values of learning, intellectual freedom, diversity, service, innovation, justice, history and heritage, and excellence and effectiveness, the goals and strategies of Albany State University’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan are:

Goal 1: Creating an environment that nurtures academically focused learners from diverse backgrounds

  • Ease access for onsite, online and global learners
  • Foster success of onsite, online and global learners
  • Create a Center for Social Justice

Goal 2: Excellence in discovery, learning, teaching, and the use of technology

  • Create a distinctive culture of discovery with enhanced opportunities for all University stakeholders
  • Transform the learning culture to one that encourages developmentally focused teaching-coaching
  • Create a Center for Innovation

Goal 3: Leadership in community and global partnerships and service

  • Promote University-wide participation in global programs and study abroad
  • Expand the University community’s appreciation for and mastery of world languages and cultures
  • Create a Center for Community Engagement

Goal 4: A workforce that collaboratively achieves operational efficiency, effectiveness, and agility

  • Become an environmentally friendly, technologically agile campus
  • Build a high morale campus providing exemplary internal and external customer service
  • Create a Center for Process Improvement

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