Program Review

Business, Entrepreneurship, & Leadership Summer Program 2017

Albany State University programs undergo a program review. The Program Review process consists of a cycle in which academic and non-academic units conduct a self- study to assess major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and concerns in the areas of quality, demand, and resources. The Program Review includes a peer review and development of a plan for continuous improvement. Accredited units may coordinate their program review with programmatic accreditation. Program review provides an institutional review across units, which supports decision making and development of operational and student learning goals and objectives. Programs provide quantitative and qualitative information on the following:

  • Focus statement, purpose, functions and goals
  • Program assessment
  • Advisory committee
  • Student success
  • Enrollment and scheduling
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Review, comment, and endorsements
  • Appendices

The review process evaluates programs with coherence and institutional mission, scope and vision in mind. In cases where programs are accredited by external accreditation agencies, those accrediting reviews may be accepted in lieu of a program review.