First-Year Incoming Students

Start here for an overview of our room selection process, instructions on filling out your first-year resident application, and other pertinent information.

First-Year Housing Assignment Overview

***PLEASE NOTE: Students who apply before the deadline are not guaranteed housing, and students should complete the process as soon as possible after being accepted.***

Important Information to Remember

  • The deadline for first year students to complete the housing application and online room selection is June 1, 2019.

  • Students who apply before the deadline are not guaranteed housing, and students should complete the process as soon as possible after being accepted.

  • Completion of the online housing application requires a non-refundable $50.00 application fee. 

  • First year students are required to live on campus, unless they live within a 50 mile radius with a parent or guardian, are 21 years or older, are active military, have a dependent, or are married.

  • If the demand for first year housing exceeds the number of available spaces, the remaining first year students will be automatically exempt from the first-year live on requirement.

  • Students who need to request special accommodations should contact the Office of Counseling and Disability Services. 

  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions are Available for students and parents. 

Housing Application Process

Students may apply for housing for the 2019-2020 academic year starting February 1, 2019. Students will click the "Housing Portal"  link below. Students may log into the housing application portal using the same username and password as they use to log into their ASU e-mail account. Students chose their room during the housing application process. First year students may chose their room starting February 1, 2019


First-Year Live on Requirement 

 First Year Live-On Requirement 

Albany State University requires first year students whose permanent address is outside of a 50 mile radius from Albany State University and is enrolled for twelve (12) or more semester credit hours, reside in in on campus housing and participate in a meal (board) plan. This requirement excludes summer sessions.

Please note that the first year live-on requirement does not guarantee housing to first year students. If sufficient housing is not available, then remaining first year students will be automatically released from the first year requirement. 


First year students may request an exemption to the residency requirement by submitting a written explanation for the request to be released, along with the First Year Release Request to Commute Form, located on the Housing and Residence Life webpage, under the forms section. All necessary paperwork must be submitted by June 15 (Fall Semester) or November 15 (Spring Semester) for consideration. Release for Spring semester will only be considered from new students admitted for spring semester. No release request will be accepted after the published deadline, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Roommate Request

Students may form roommate groups as part of the housing application process. The group leader may assign all students in the group who have approved a group membership request. First year students may form groups of up to 2, while upperclassmen may form groups of up to 4. 

Additional Information

Residence Halls Descriptions

A variety of residence halls are available for students living on-campus. Review the specifics of each hall before submitting your housing application. Building Amenities and Room Options

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Residence Hall rates and meal plan options vary. Please be sure to choose the right fit for you. 

What to Bring

This is a list of things you may want to bring to campus. If you have a roommate, be sure to coordinate to prevent overcrowding your room.

Housing FAQS

 Here are the answers to questions that may be on your mind about the housing process and experience.

Move-in Day

We know the anticipation of move-in can be stressful, but once you arrive, you’ll find plenty of help and support. Take a feww moments to review move-in specifics.

Laundry Services

Laundry Rooms are available free of charge in all of the residence halls.

Campus Housing Forms

Exemption request forms, housing agreement forms, and housing cancellation forms are readily available.

Student Maintenance Requests

For non-emergency repairs that are needed, students must submit an online work order.

Campus Resources

Contact the right resources to get he answers that you need right away. Information regarding counseling, the ASUPD, information technology, dining services, and our learning centers are just a click away.

Off-Campus Housing

Make the task of locating off-campus housing options easier. ASU is in no way affiliated with and does not inspect, endorse, recommend, or approve any off campus property.