New Student Career Assessment

Welcome to Albany State University!

Choices that benefit you and your future start with our Focus 2 Career assessments. Our Career Services Office, along with ASU Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs, has an interest in your development and assisting you as you navigate academics, activities, and plan your career after graduation. It will start here. Please review the overview for directions. The link takes you to the Understanding Your Interests presentation that steps you through the Focus2Careers assessment.

The assessments assist you in aligning your interests, your major, and career paths after graduation from choices you make today. It takes less than 20 minutes to register and complete the career assessments on your mobile phone.  The results are available immediately or you can speak with Career Services staff to understand your results.   We ask that you complete the assessments prior to arriving to campus and speaking with your advisor. It’s never too early to start!

Contact Career Services for more information, contact