This form is used to report information to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity which may constitute violations of the Student Code of Conduct. By completing and filing this form, you are stating that a student has allegedly violated the Student Code of Conduct and you are requesting that the University become involved in the matter through the Student Judicial Process. Each report of information is reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. With regard to each report of information, a determination is made by the Coordinator for Student Ethics & Integrity/University Judicial Officer or his/her designee on how a report of information will be processed. And, when necessary, the incident report will be investigated by the Case Administrator.

The University will entertain appeals from students that have been suspended or expelled from the University, removed from housing, removed from class, or forced to withdraw from a course and/or department within five (5) business days of the date of the final written decision. Other cases may be reviewed in regard to policy and procedural accuracy upon the request from the student.

Albany State University students, who were administratively withdrawn or suspended from the University must complete the request for readmission process. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Success or his/her designee is charged with the review and approval of these requests. Each request will be considered on the basis of current academic progress, disciplinary record, or other information deemed appropriate by Vice President for this review.

Faculty disposition/referral form for reporting an academic misconduct violations