Border States Waivers

The following are examples of supporting documentation which may be submitted as evidence of domicile for both the Border States Tuition Waivers and the Petition for Reclassification of Residency Application. The submission of any of the following documentation does not guarantee that your application will be approved. The tuition classification officer will consider the totality of circumstances when making a tuition classification determination.

  1. Signed statement of reason for coming to Georgia.
  2. Certified or notarized copy of state and/or federal income tax return(s) filed for the most recent tax year.
  3. Signed statement of intent to file taxes for the current year.
  4. Copy of most recent W-2.
  5. Copies of paystubs or Leave Earnings Statements (LES) for the previous year.
  6. Letter/statement from current and/or previous employer(s) verifying any employment during the last 12 months. The letter/statement should be on company letterhead and should indicate dates of employment and whether that employment was full or part-time.
  7. Copy of the lease or deed for residence(s) maintained during the past 12 months. If the lease or deed is not in your name, a notarized statement from the lessee or deed holder stating that you reside with them and for how long.
  8. Receipts from the payment of property taxes.
  9. Copies of homestead exemption documents.
  10. Copy of birth certificate or guardianship paperwork issued by a United States court.
  11. Copy of a valid vehicle registration for the State of Georgia.
  12. Copy of a valid Georgia Driver’s License or state-issued ID.
  13. Copy of voter registration.
  14. Copy of any business or professional license(s) which may have been obtained in Georgia.
  15. Copies of bills, such as utility bills.
  16. Copies of bank statements.
  17. Copies of any social service benefits, such as food stamps, disability, unemployment, etc.
  18. Documentation of family, social, civic, or governmental ties in Georgia which evidence intent to remain permanently.
  19. If you are not a U.S. citizen, a copy of your permanent resident alien card or documentation of your current visa status.
  20. Any other documentation that you may feel is relevant to your status.

Students under the age of 24 should submit documentation related to the domicile of their parent(s) or U.S. court-appointed legal guardian, in addition to documentation related to their own domicile.

If there are any questions, please contact the Tuition Classification Officer at