How to Use the Logo

The purpose of the logo is to give a common look to all university materials distributed to the public. The logo should be treated as a one-piece unit and never be modified in any way.

  • Elements of the logo should never be cut apart and
  • The logo should never be tilted or run
  • Never add design elements to the Lines, shapes, or other graphic elements surrounding or touching the logo changes its appearance and effectiveness.
  • The logo should not be “crowded” by type or other graphic elements. Leave enough white space around the logo to ensure adequate

Never add extra graphic elements to the logo or place it on top of or in close proximity to other graphic elements that could be confused with the logo.

Do not attempt to re-create the logo from a standard typeface. The logotype has been extensively modified and cannot be duplicated using any available standard font.

The logo should not be distorted to fit a certain shape space. If space is a problem, use a smaller version of the logo.

LOGO- Boxed LOGO-Stretched LOGO-1.5 inch


Not less than 1.5 inches

If a tag line is used with the logo, it should never be reproduced at a length smaller than 1.5 inches. This will avoid losing the readability of the tag. If the logo is to be reproduced without a tag line, it should never be reproduced at a size smaller than 1 inch in length.

ASU LOGO Exclusion Zone

Exclusion Zone

The minimum space of 1/4” should be left clear on all sides of the logo. This space ensures no other graphic elements interfere with the logo’s clarity and integrity.