Logo Colors

The logo is reproduced in a number of different color combinations, depending on background color and availability of color on a given printed piece. As a rule, follow these guidelines:

 Albany University Logo\Albany State Logo Unstacked

When used against a light background, the logotype should be blue, if available. If blue is not available, the type should be black (avoid screening the logo type to gray due to the thinness of the type and serifs). If used against a dark background, the logo should be white. 


ASU Logo Reversed

ASU Logo unstacked

When used against a blue background, the logotype should be white, the flame gold and the bar grey, if available.


Albany State Logo Flame

The flame should always be gold, if available. The “AS” mark and flame should contrast in all uses except one-color reproduction (when using black only, flame can be screened to 50%). Against a dark background, the flame should be gold, if available. Otherwise, use white. One color options for reproduction, depending on the background can be either black or white


Albany State Logo Seal

Albany State Logo Seal Gold


The University Seal color options for reproduction, depending on the background, can be blue (Pantone 286), gold (Pantone Metallic Coated 864c), black or white