Official University Marks

The Value of the Campus Logo(s)

The Albany State University logo(s) are an outward expression and representation of our institution. A logo is not a brand. However, it is shorthand for a brand. Branding is the idea of the image of a certain product or service the public can connect with by identifying the image or slogan to the institution that owns it. Marketing the idea or image so that it is recognizable when linked to a service or product distinguishes it from others presenting the same thing.

Our brand is the emotion, perception, or expectation associated with the institution and our logo reflects the strong attributes of the ASU campus: excellence, rich history, creativity, and tradition.

Core Logo(s)

The Albany State University logo is the primary element that represents the University’s public identity. Its consistent use is the key to the establishment and maintenance of the institution’s identity. Alone, it is a graphic institutional signature suitable for use in promotional material, advertising, stationery, labels, etc. The logo consists of a stylized “AS” flame of knowledge with the words “Albany State University” embedded in a solid horizontal rule, stacked and unstacked.

The logo is designed to be used alone. It may not be used in conjunction with any other logo or mark in such a way as to create the impression of a single image. The shape, content, style or color of the logo may not be modified in
anyway except as shown in this manual. Reproductions of the logo should always be made with camera-ready art available through University Marketing and Communications. Please refer to the inside cover of this manual for all Marketing and Communications contacts

Visual Identity

Official University Marks

The official University marks should be used effectively in all campus print and electronic communications media. The logos visually complement the other to build instant brand awareness that audiences know at first glance the origin of the information.

As the primary element in Albany State University’s public identity system, the University marks are meant for use in public contact materials, advertisements, promotional materials, and institutional communications.

Albany State University

Albany State University Logo

Albany State University Logo

As the primary element in Albany State University’s public identity system, the logo is meant for use in public contact materials, advertisements, promotional materials and institutional communications. The logo is used without a tagline on stationery and for some promotional items such as shirts, cups, etc.

The “University System of Georgia” format is the official format and is used on communications that will be distributed outside of campus and on official ASU documents not intended for recruiting.

Albany State Logo Unstacked

Unstacked Logo

The unstacked format is used for internal communications, advertisements and at other times when departments/divisions must be emphasized.

Albany State Logo Flame

"AS" Flame Logo

The “AS” Flame logo over the years has become a recognized extended Albany State University logo and can be used in all print and marketing material as a stand-alone.

Golden Rams

Golden Ram Logo

The Golden Ram logo is for primary use by Albany State University Intercollegiate Athletic Department.

Albany State Logo Seal

University Seal

The University Seal is used only for formal use by the Office of the President, for academic ceremonies and official certificates. It is not a symbol for publicizing, marketing, advertising or branding the University or any University programs or activities.

Brand Extension CPS

Brand Extensions CAS

Brand Extensions DCHP

Brand Extensions

ASU is primarily represented by the University logo. Brand extensions of the unstacked logo can be used for the three colleges for identification. Brand extensions are represented by the name of the college placed under the mark in Trajan Pro type, 9pt, one type space below the bar. In relation, the unstacked logo is two inches horizontal and parallel to the type.