The Golden Rams Logo

The Golden Ram athletic logo is the single graphic image primarily used by Albany State University Intercollegiate Athletics. The Golden Ram mark is designed to project an image of strength and aggressiveness while embodying the heritage and dignity of Albany State University. It is intended for primary use on all forms of Albany State Athletic Department visual communication, including athletic department uniforms, stationery, business cards, brochures, advertisements and other publications. The athletic logo is also used on promotional items associated with ASU Golden Ram Athletics.

The Golden Ram logo is for use by the ASU Athletics Department. Users outside of the ASU Athletics Department are required to secure permission for its use from University Marketing and Communications or its authorized licensing partner, Learfield Licensing Partners, LLC and pay a licensing fee. The logo should not be altered from the following examples.


Golden Rams Logo Primary Golden Rams Logo Primary DRKBG Golden Rams Logo 1 Color Golden Rams Logo 1 Color DRKBG



Golden Rams Word Mark Primary Golden Rams Word Mark 1 color



Blue Gold Gray black
Pantone 286 Pantone 124 Pantone Cool Gray 9 Pantone Process Black
R: 0 G: 51 B: 160 R: 234 G: 170 B: 0 R: 117 G: 120 B: 123  
#0033A0 #EAAA00 #75787B