Font selection is an important element in setting an appropriate tone in both print and digital communications.

While there are an abundance of fonts available to those who produce documentation, Albany State University seeks to limit which fonts may be used in official ASU publications to establish a consistent visual identity, as well as to ensure legibility. Generally, serif fonts are used for documents that will be printed, while sans-serif fonts are for Web-based use.

The following fonts are acceptable to use in ASU documents. Cambria is the standard ASU serif font, with Times New Roman and Georgia as substitutes. Arial is the standard ASU sans serif font, with Century Gothic and BW Haas Head as substitutes. Font size can vary among and within documents; the examples shown below are 10-point size with bold headings. Use your professional judgment as to what font style and size are most appropriate for your specific document.

Serif Fonts

Cambria font
Times-New-Roman font
Georgia font

Sans Serif Fonts

Arial font
BW-Haas-Text-55-Roman font
Century-Gothic font