Academic Support Services

Our primary focus for the Momentum Year is to strategically devote time, energy and resources towards strategies during the first-year of college that seamlessly navigate students through the campus academic experience, while reducing mid-term deficiencies and increasing the likelihood of on-time completion at ASU.  Regardless of the contingencies that are enforced, the momentum year framework will be of utmost priority.

  • Pre-Career Assessment (Early Career and Major Exploration) - Prior to their matriculation, pre-college students will be provided a link to take this assessment. In addition, the First-Year Seminar Courses (ASU 1101) will conduct the assessment. Career Services will manage the data via Focus2Career.

  • Gateway to Completion – Implement G2C for high-risk courses (specifically at mid-term) such as english, college algebra, biology, chemistry, accounting, computer science. Utilize tutors, supplemental instructors and study table techniques for students in these courses. Assessment will continue based on G2C guidelines.

  • First Year Experience (FYE) – ASU 1101 courses will be offered based off the contingency in place (i.e. hybrid and online), through a series of seminars, and other interactive activities. FYE focus on meta-majors and the curriculum will utilize activities that develop an academic mindset.

  • Academic Advising – Professional and faculty advisors are virtual and in person. They can operate either on-campus or remotely.

  • Smarthinking – Smarthinking is a 24/7 online resource which covers more subjects with subject matter experts, including difficult to staff areas like accounting, economics etc. There is also dedicated writing instruction. Smarthinking operates through a chat feature, live tutoring, and a submission-response system depending on your required level of engagement.  For our students, in every section within GaView, Smarthinking is embedded in Online Learning.

  • Writing and Math Center – The centers will be physically open as well as available online.  The Online Writing Center is available for students to submit their papers from any class to receive feedback from a full time ASU staff member.  The Math Center is available online via WebEx.
  • Study Table – Occurs face-to-face and virtually in the evening while practicing social distancing.

  • Tutoring (Peer and Professional) - Students may request tutoring from professional staff through a variety of methods. Tutors will be available in the tutoring center throughout the day.

    • Methods – Synchronous tutoring will be offered via WebEx for our professional staff.