Counseling Services

Counseling Services will provide all center services during the fall semester. Face-to-face counseling and accessibility sessions will be by appointments only, except for emergency and crisis situations. All emergency and crisis situations will be determined by professional counseling staff and/or the ASU Police Department. Tele-therapy platforms will be available to enhance center services and to assist students with the ability to contact and consult with center staff. Students must wear masks and practice social distancing when entering the center.

Number of Full-Time Counselors

There are three professional counselor/therapists, one coordinator of Student Accessibility Services, one director and one administrative assistant in the ASU Counseling Center.   

Number of Graduate Interns/Practicum Students

The center utilizes four graduate interns and practicum students each semester.

Current Ratio of Counselors to full-time enrolled students (spring 2020 enrollment)

The current ratio of counselor to student is 1 to 1,917 based on an enrollment of 5,751.

Space Requirements and Counselor Availability

The professional counselors will be able to service students adequately in the existing Counseling and Accessibility Services Center individual offices if face-to-face Counseling is needed in crises only.  Tele-therapy sessions will be by appointment only. The standard operating procedures of the center will be documented and filed.

Client Care

Students will be able to make appointments in advance on the tele therapy platform. The center has a computer for students without means to get services online and to keep appointments with counselors. Students will be required to wear a mask.

Tele-Therapy Counseling

The professional counselor/therapist and coordinator of Student Accessibility Services will utilize HIPPA compliant tele-therapy platforms.

Updated computer equipment and proper protective equipment are used (face coverings for staff and students, wipes, hand sanitizer etc.).

All counselors will be available for tele counseling.