Prevention and Health

Workplace and Health Safety

Staff began a gradual and staggered return to campus on June 1. Faculty will return to campus on August 3. All faculty and staff will participate in the annual Faculty and Staff Conference August 3 through 6, where detailed information regarding campus operations will be shared.

To align with the university’s plan for a gradual and staggered return to campus and to ensure that employees on campus are prepared to start the fall semester, including addressing students’ needs in person, while also practicing social distancing, the following will occur:

  • A general overview of COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures, including recognizing signs and symptoms of infection.

  • Training and reminder of current and new university policies and procedures.

  • Training on how to disinfect workspaces and what areas to clean frequently.

  • Placement of social distancing signage.

  • Facilities Management staff regularly cleaning high touch and traffic areas including but not limited to; restrooms, handrails, door handles/push bars, and common areas.

  • Reconfiguration of furnishings to promote physical distancing in areas including but not limited to conference rooms and waiting areas.

  • Placement of maximum occupancy signage in common areas and configure to accommodate appropriate physical distancing.

  • Placement of maximum occupancy signage outside of all restrooms and classrooms with appropriate messaging.

  • Remove high-touch items such as common use pens or magazines.

  • Placement of hand sanitizer in as many common areas as possible.

  • Using technology, identify and implement inventive ways to meet with students.


Additional Materials and Training

The following additional materials, supplies, and equipment are in place for employee use beginning the fall semester:

  • Plexiglas partitions

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Sanitizer wipes

  • Disinfectant spray

  • Signage

  • Face coverings

The following opportunities are available to employees for professional development without additional cost:

  • Skillsoft on-line training - provides employees with over 3,000 professional development courses. Weekly topics of possible interest will be emailed to employees to encourage ongoing growth and development.

  • Financial and well-being development through the current programs provided by the University System of Georgia.

  • Free webinars and other offerings provided by professional groups.