Housing and Residence Life

The Office of Housing and Residence Life remains dedicated to the promotion of good student health, safety, and well-being. ASU however cannot guarantee the safety of students from COVID-19 in the residence halls.

Residence hall rooms are a shared residence within each room or suite, similar to a family’s shared residence, where social distancing practices are not expected within the room or the suite. As such, it is the responsibility of all residential students to adhere to appropriate behaviors related to the prevention of COVID-19, including the cleaning of their room or suite. All ASU residential students are reminded of best practices related to prevention, and expected to take responsibility for their own actions.

We are encouraging all housing and residence life students to consult with their health care provider prior to moving into the residence halls for fall 2020.

ASU will create an environment in which students can practice the safety guidance as provided by the CDC in the common areas of residence halls. Residents are responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of their individual room. Guidelines for residence living in shared housing include:

Protect Yourself

  • Social distance by staying at least 6 feet apart from others that you do not live

  • Wear cloth face coverings in any shared spaces, not including your room.

  • Everyday preventative actions everyone should take:

    • Know how COVID-19 spreads

    • Wash your hands often

    • Avoid close contact with people

    • Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others

    • Cover coughs and sneezes

    • Clean and disinfect

Know where to receive information

All residential students will receive primary communications regarding Housing and Residence Life through their official ASU email address. Additional information will be provided via text message (Goldie Chatbot), flyers, the university’s website and official social media accounts.

Residence Hall Common Spaces

Until further notice, the study rooms and lobbies are closed. Common spaces have COVID-19 prevention supplies. Students are encouraged to be flexible as rules may change in common spaces. Maintenance of social distancing (6 feet) between all individuals in these spaces is required: elevators, stairwells, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and study rooms.

Students Consider Higher Risk

Students considered at higher risk for severe illness as defined by the Georgia Department of Public Health should carefully consider whether moving into the residence halls is the appropriate option for them.

Campus Move-In Process

In an effort to ensure student safety and to stay in compliance with the social distancing guidelines, we have developed the student move-in scenarios below. It is important to note that every room in the ASU Housing East and West campus affords students the opportunity to live in either a single or double occupancy room. Hall 5, North, East and South halls are double occupancy room suites with shared bathrooms. Halls 1-4 are single occupancy bedroom with shared bathrooms suites. There is a maximum number of four (4) who will occupy a suite.


  • Move-in will take place in phases with schedules staggered across buildings and floors to optimize for social distancing.
  • All move-in will be by appointment only.
  • Students are to bring no more than two guests to assist with move-in.
  • Students will have up to 1 hour to unpack and move their belongings into their rooms.
  • Students must be present to move in; parents or other family members will not have access on behalf of a student.

At the end of the one-hour move-in time, a parent/family member will need to exit the campus in order to support social distancing and low density.

Residence Life Protocols   

  • Student residential rooms are single or double occupancy. Considered a family unit, students rooming together are not required to wear facial coverings or practice social distancing inside their own rooms. It is prohibited to pressure roommates to relax health and safety standards.

  • In order to ensure the safety of students, the following health and safety measures will be implemented:

    • Students receive COVID-19 educational information and the information posted throughout all residential facilities.
    • Students receive kits containing complimentary face coverings, resources, and hand sanitizer.
    • On-campus residents will receive their kits during check-in.

  • Each student will receive and must acknowledge receipt of “Best Practices against COVID-19 in Housing & Residence Life” along with the other required documents to be completed prior to check-in. 

  • Sanitation information is included in the Housing & Residence Life “Best Practices” Handout. 

  • Students will be required to sanitize and clean their unit daily and report roommates who do not follow the cleaning guidelines.  

  • Train staff on COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

  • Residents are responsible for ensuring their apartments/bedrooms are clean.  

  • Residents may attend virtual engagements, such as floor meetings, educational programs, meet & greet, and hall meetings.


Residence Life Visitation Policy  

  • Students are to practice social distancing and wear facial covering in these circumstances:
    • There is no overnight visitation. 
  • Resident Assistants will conduct enforcement processes that include verbal warnings and written documentation.
  • There are to be no outside guests in the residence halls.