FAQs for Students

ASU will continue to monitor the situation and have several contingencies for delivery of academic and student services that will be implemented as the situation requires.
If you do not feel well please contact Student Health services for further instructions.
Contact your hall director who will immediately contact Student Health Services.
Residential students should contact their Hall Director to request another mask or academic and administrative departments.
As of July 15th. Masks are required to be worn in order to attend class and campus activities.
Yes, Health Services are available to all enrolled students.
You should always contact your instructor if you are not going to attend.  If you do not feel well you should contact student health services
Social distancing will be encouraged through signage and markings of spaces.  Albany Transit will be enforcing social distancing on their buses and ASU transportation will be available to supplement the routes to prevent overcrowding on the buses.
Fall 2020 A-Term and Full Term classes start August 10, 2020. The first day of each class will be held via Webex in GaVIEW.
You will have access to your registered courses on August 3, 2020 so that you may log in and check for communication from your instructor. Instructors have assigned groups in GaVIEW to correspond with the days you should report for face-to-face learning and the days you will learn online.
Be sure you have taken the GaVIEW Orientation Completion Quiz. Classes will not appear in GaVIEW until the first day of the semester. If you are having issues accessing your classes in GaVIEW, verify your registration status in Banner, then email asuonline@asurams.edu.
Log into your course in GaVIEW, then click Communications in the toolbar. Select Webex from the dropdown menu. Identify the correct virtual meeting and click Join.
To find your group assignment, log into your course then click Communications in the toolbar. Select Groups from the dropdown menu. Your assigned group will appear under My Groups. Click on the group link for more information.
A limited number of masks will be provided, however we encourage you to bring an adequate supply of masks with you.
Facilities staff are committed to maintain a safe clean environment and are cleaning all spaces with an increased frequency.

Yes.  We have protocols in place and daily practices that address important topics such as cleaning and disinfecting areas, contact tracing, isolation/quarantine, protecting self and others by wearing face covering and social distancing. The university re-entry plan can provide further details. Reunited Plan

Counseling and Accessibility Services is available to support and address students needs regarding emotional wellness. Faculty will be provided professional development opportunities.
Contact Health Service immediately and follow the instructions provided by the professional staff.