The following opportunities are available to employees for professional development without additional cost:

  • Skillsoft on-line training - provides employees with over 3,000 professional development courses. Weekly topics of possible interest will be emailed to employees to encourage ongoing growth and development.

  • Financial and well-being development through the current programs provided by the University System of Georgia.

  • Free webinars and other offerings provided by professional groups.


Faculty Development

Continued professional development for our faculty is critical to a successful fall 2020 semester. ASU has implemented several initiatives that will continue to allow faculty to hone their knowledge, skills, and abilities at a distance.

  • ASU has established an Online Instruction Certification training program, based upon the USG’s Certification training. That program is currently available for faculty to complete by July 31, 2020. The expectation is that all faculty teaching at ASU are certified as online instructors.
  • The Center for Faculty Excellence will continue to provide virtual professional development offerings throughout the fall semester, regardless of the contingency in place.  During the week of August 3-August 7, the Center for Faculty Excellence will provide training sessions (virtually) for faculty focusing on how to develop courses online.
  • Faculty submitted an Instructional Plan to their chair by July 22, 2020. The Center for Faculty Excellence provided a template. Additional resources and materials for faculty will be available on GaView at the Distance Learning site.

ASU utilizes faculty coaches/mentors to assist with developing courses in an online format. The Office of Distance Learning and the Center for Faculty Excellence will provide tips and strategies for student engagement. That information is on the Distance Learning website.