Disability Services Faculty & Staff Information

Rights and Responsibilities

ASU faculty and staff have the right to:

  • require students with disabilities to provide proof of registration with the Student Disability
    Resource Center
  • expect that students with disabilities will communicate their requests for accommodations in a 
    timely manner. 
  • uphold standards for courses and expect that, with or without accommodations, students with 
    disabilities will complete the same or equal course requirements.

ASU faculty and staff have the responsibility to:

  • ensure that reasonable accommodations are arranged, provided, or allowed.
  • provide information and materials in alternative formats upon request. 
  • treat all students with the same fundamental fairness. 
  • follow the confidentiality guidelines and laws outlined in this document.
  • make students with disabilities aware of procedures for securing accommodations by including
    a statement in their syllabi
  • Suggested Language for Syllabi for Students with Disabilities
  • Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should:
  • Register with and provide documentation to the Disability Student Service Program
  • Bring a letter to the instructor from the DSSP indicating you need academic
    accommodations.  This should be done within the first week of class. 
    This syllabus and other class materials are available in alternative format upon request

Faculty Rights/Responsibilities Summarized (when accommodating disabled students)

  • Taped Lectures – It is the faculty member’s right to request a written agreement before   allowing the student to tape record the class.  Request would come from Disability Services.
  • Classroom Behavior – All university students must adhere to the university code of conduct regardless of whether they have a disability.  Infractions of this code should be directed to the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Affairs.  If the student has been identified as a student with a disability, this information should be provided to the Dean to facilitate collaboration with the Director of Disability Services.
  • Alternative Testing – An alternative testing site is provided by the University Testing Center located in ACAD 195.
  • Shared Responsibility – As an employee of Albany State University who has compliance obligations under federal laws, it is the responsibility of the faculty to assume a shared responsibility in providing reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities.  The  university is responsible for implementation and, as an employee, faculty are required to   adhere to the policies and procedures The responsibility of meeting the academic needs of individuals with disabilities through reasonable accommodations has been assigned to the Disability Service Coordinator.
  • Referral – If a faculty member is notified by a student that she/he has a disability or if the student brings a medical statement to the instructor, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to refer the student with his/her medical statement to DSSP Coordinator.  Also, if an instructor notices that a student is not performing up to standards and suspects there might be a learning disability, he/she must also refer the student.