Disability Services Disclosure

Welcome to the Disability Student Services Center at Albany State University. Our goal is to promote an accessible academic, social, and physical environment for students with disabilities. The procedure for registering with the Disability Student Services Center is outlined below.

  1. Complete the Request for Services Form which can be obtained by clicking here or by calling our office at (229) 903-3610 . If you would like to speak with someone prior to registering for services, please complete a Contact Request and you will be contacted by the Disability Coordinator.
  2. Appropriate documentation is necessary to determine your eligibility for services. A written report must be submitted by a qualified provider that is current and clearly states:
    1. diagnosis with specific evidence of a disability
    2. symptoms of the disability
    3. test scores which support a cognitive or learning disability
    4. medications and any adverse side effects
    5. recommendations regarding necessary accomodations

Documentation can be sent to:

Disability Student Services Center
Albany State University
504 College Drive
New Student Center Green Zone 2-141
Albany, GA 31705

  1. Follow-up with your health professional and with the Disability Student Services Coordinator to ensure that your documentation was forwarded to the Disability Student Services Center.
  2. If you require accommodations for ASU placement tests, please contact theDSSP coordinator. After your completed Request for Services Form and documentation are received, you will be contacted to arrange a time to meet.

Please feel free to contact me at (229) 903-3611 or email me at Lahura.Larkin@asurams.edu if you have any questions.

La Hura L. Larkin
Disability Student Services Coordniator