Academic Success Unit faculty and staff serve as academic advisors for students in the unit.  Students report to select advisors in order to plan their progression through their programs as they discuss Degree Works  and learn more about scheduling of classes, reviewing grades, understanding repeat policies, calculating  grade point averages, and  other issues that may  encourage progress and academic success at the university    

The advisors are listed as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

ADVISORS                               OFFICE             LAST NAME                PHONE NUMBERS

Pearl Brown                                 329                   ABMNO                         (229) 430-6475

Ellis Davis                                    109                   STUV                             (229) 430-4880

Flo J. Hill                                      112                   CDEFGH                       (229) 430-4735

Marcus Hines                               318                  WXYZ                             (229) 430-6483

Yolande Penn                               331                  IJKL                                (229) 430-3814

James Pullum                               332                  PQR                               (229) 430-4881