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News & Announcements

Mid-Term Bootcamp

Mid-Terms are vastly approaching. Where do you stand in your courses? Mid Term Examinations for Full Term Classes are March 3rd – 4th.  The last day to withdraw without academic penalty with a grade of "W” is March 7th by 5:00 p.m. for Full Term Classes. But Wait, why drop your class. If you are struggling in a course the College of Business has a solution for you. “Mid-Term Bootcamp” will be a series of days where the College of business is offering tutoring services to all students having trouble in the college’s  courses. By attending the bootcamp and completing the designated course work, it will be used to replace your lowest test grade in the course you seek help in. The bootcamp starts the week of February 23, 2014. For more information email:

2014 Morehouse Marketing Conclave

On Friday, February 21, 9 marketing students represented Albany State University at the annual Morehouse Marketing Conclave in Atlanta, Georgia. The students were also members of ASU's Marketing Club and were accompanied by Marketing professor and club advisor Mr. Maurice Elliard. The students attending the conclave, organized by Morehouse Marketing students, participated in interactive workshops, heard keynote speakers, and participated in a career fair that featured 20 companies including Chick-fil-A, AT&T, and Waffle House. Students also got an opportunity to network with both executives from supporting companies and students from other schools attending the conference. Students attending the conference said they enjoyed themselves and took away some valuable career lessons they look to imply going forward.

2014 Graduate Fair

The College of Business would like to welcome our new graduate students on their journey to their MBA. On Thursday February 20, 2014, Albany State University held a graduate fair for prospective students desiring to obtain a graduate degree in our various programs. Presentations were given by enrollment services, financial aid, career services, health services, and the ASU police department about the requirements needed to become a student and the benefits of becoming a part of our RAM family.

CSCMP Collegiate Seminar and Career Fair

On February 26th Clayton State University with be hosting the CSCMP Collegiate Seminar and Career Fair. This opportunity will be available to 10 Supply Chain & Logistics Management major or minor. Sign-up will be available in the CALM lab room 225. This event will allow students to engage in networking opportunities and gain more knowledge in Supply Chain Management. Networking opportunities may also result in internships and job openings. Previous students from Albany State University have won scholarships upon attendance and there is no telling what they may have in store for you. Early sign up is suggested, starting Monday February 3, 2014. The fair will take place at Clayton State University from 8:30AM – 5:00PM. Further information will be given to the first 10 students about departure time and expectations of the trip. Remember first come first serve!

 The College Of Business Advisory Board

The College of Business has taken the initiative to create an Advisory Board to ensure the success of the program. The Advisory Board is made up of the College of Business faculty as well as top business professionals from companies such as UPS, Bank of America, Little Caesar, etc.  Last Friday, January 24, 2014 the Advisory Board met to discuss topics such as enhancing the curriculum, providing internship/employment opportunities for students, and what business professionals are looking for upon hiring college graduates. The college of business is taking the necessary step to prepare professionals and increase the possibility of employment after graduation.

COB Monthly Newsletter

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Up Coming Events 

 >Week of February 23rd- Mid-Term Bootcamp

>February 26, 2014 - CSCMP Collegiate Seminar and Career Fair at Clayton State University

>February 28, 2014 - MFAT Registration Deadline

> March 3rd - 4th - Mid-Term Examination for Full Term Courses

>March 7, 2014 - Last day to withdraw w/o academic penalty with a grade of "W" by 5:00PM

>March 18th & 19th - 2014 GA Logistics Summit