EDUC 2199: Orientation to Teacher Education (Undergraduate Students only)
You will automatically be enrolled in this course by the College of Education.
Students must follow the three steps below:
  1. Purchase LiveText from the ASU Bookstore for $100 (Five Year Subscription). A book slip may be used to purchase the software at the ASU Bookstore.
  2. Click here for a step by step video on how to register your LiveText account. 
  3. Click here to register for the course day and time:This is a one time course. Ignore the individual dates that appear on your schedule.
EDUC 2199: Orientation to Teacher Education consist of the following:
  • Module 1 - LiveText (ePortfolio)
  • Module 2 - Orientation to Advanced Professional Education
  • Module 3 - Degree Works
Course Time: Register for Day and Time only once (Ignore the times/days on your schedule)
Course Location: ACAD 245
Course Text (Mandatory): LiveText Subscription

Bring the following to the course:
  • ASU Ram Email address
  • Ram ID
  • LiveText Key Code or Log In
  • Philosophy of Education paper on usb drive or other portable media


If you have any questions please contact:

Ms. Teresa Walker - (229) 430-1718 or tdwalker@asurams.edu
Ms. Bonnie Chambers - (229) 430-4685 or bonnie.chambers@asurams.edu
Mr. Mike Mathis - (229) 430-4179 or mmathis@asurams.edu