Why EDUC 2199/5199 and LiveText

In order to facilitate the academic success and professional development of students in teacher and educator preparation programs, the College of Education faculty voted in Spring, 2011 to adopt LiveText as an assessment tool. The adoption of LiveText is part of a broader strategy designed to monitor more closely candidate’s academic progress and performance. We believe that doing so will improve candidate retention and graduation rates while sustaining Continuous Program Improvement or CPI of the Colleges academic programs. What does this mean for candidates enrolled in Albany State Universitys educator preparation programs? All candidates enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in ASUs Professional Education Unit (includes initial and advanced programs housed in the Colleges of Education, Arts and Humanities and Science and Health Professions) are required to demonstrate the following:
·      knowledge of the College of Educations Conceptual Framework and Unit Dispositions;
·      ownership of ones academic development by developing the ability to navigate Degreeworks;
·      ability to use LiveText to develop assignments, submit assignments for review, and maintain Key Unit Assessments artifacts in order to facilitate their own professional development.
In closing, this course has been designed to enhance your understanding of the Colleges expectations for you as you navigate your academic program. We believe that this course will enhance your overall likelihood for success while maximizing your professional growth and on-going development as an educator.
Dr. Kimberly King-Jupiter, Dean
College of Education
Albany State University

Watch this Video describing LiveText