ASU GLOBAL AMBASSADORS (AGA): The Best of Albany State University


ASU Global Ambassadors (AGA) is an honors students’ organization designed by ASU Office of Global Programs(OGP). It consists of a select group of ASU students who have traveled, studied, or engaged in a program abroad for at least two weeks or more. They are also students who have not yet traveled abroad but who are highly motivated to do so and have the prospects of doing so within at least a year of initial membership. These students will maintain a minimum of 3.00 GPA. Membership to the organization is by application, interview, and approval by the Office of Global Programs. All the activities of the organization are monitored by the OGP which requires an annual report from the AGA governing student body.

Organizational Meetings: Members will operate as an honor’s organization. They will choose officers, including President, Vice-President, Secretary, etc. and develop a program of activities including holding monthly meetings.

Organization Uniform: Members will have a uniform as approved by ASU OGP. The foundation members will discuss and decide the specifications.

Membership Charge and Responsibilities

  1. Recruitment: Members will participate in Study Abroad Programs (SAP) and will be required to heavily recruit other students for Study Abroad Programs, Internships Abroad etc to ensure use of International Passports. They will gather contact information including name, number, and email address of prospective SAP participants and will also plan activities to sustain contact with these students until they actually travel abroad.

  2. Host and Maintain Contact with International Students: Members will welcome each internal student on arrival to ASU campus and will plan activities to integrate international students into ASU family and make them feel at home and loved. They should also initiate events and activities to promote students’ intercultural and multicultural knowledge of especially countries of international students, staff, and faculty on ASU campus.

  3. ASU Campus Global Events: Members will organize at least one on- campus international event every semester to raise students aware about global issues.

  4. ASU Global Citizenship Promotion: members will promote global citizenship by showing currency on international issues through maintaining several media(electronic publication, paper publication, ASU bulletin board publication)for communicating global news and issues on campus and the community at large.

  5. Volunteer Hours: member will put in some service volunteers hour working at ASU Office of Global Programs, implementing assigned activities on campus and in the community (as will be defined by the OGP)

  6. Campus, National and Global presentations: Members will be required to make presentations to show case Study Abroad experiences. This should be done in written and multi-media forms on ASU campus, national and international forums.

  7. Inauguration: Foundation Members will plan inauguration activities for new members.

  8. INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK: members will be deeply involved in the planning, advertising, and implementation of ASU Annual International Education Week events and any other activities that will in future be identified as a noble cause for the organization.

  9. Acceptance of Membership charge: Students who are approved as members accept the above charges as their expected responsibilities and agree as they sign their acceptance form that the Office of Global Programs and ASU reserve the right to terminate their membership if their behavior and attitude are contrary to achieving the goals and objectives of AGA, OGP or ASU as determined and approved by Director ASU Global Programs.

Officer Prerequisites: Global Ambassador’s who wish to hold an office can be involved in a maximum of two other campus organizations and may hold no other office during office term.

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