Passport Information


What do you need to get your passport?

  • Valid Photo Identification (Current valid driver's license, government ID or military photo ID, previous U.S. passport, a naturalization certificate, or a certificate of citizenship)
  • Original Birth Certificate (Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county, or state A Xeroxed or hospital-issued birth certificate alone is not acceptable.)

U.S. Passport Application

To save time, download a passport application at to complete your application beforehand.

The passport application requires two recent identical photographs of you, which the Office of OIIT will take for you. Contact Counseling and Disabilities Services at 229.903.3610 for more information


President's Initiative

Dr. Everette J. Freeman,  former ASU President, has a special initiative in which he has requested all ASU students to acquire a passport. The fee for the U. S. Department of State issued Passport is $135.00 which covers the cost of the passport and processing fees.

As the society grows, the University is expanding to develop with diversity and educational backgrounds. Students have the opportunity to explore and gain knowledge from various countries and spread the love and history of Albany State University all over the world.

Let other countries in the world acknowledge that our students are: "Potential Realized."

For more information, please contact: Office of Counseling & DSSP (229) 430-4667

Passport Application