Budget Preparation

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) will assist in the preparation of the proposed budget, which is an estimate of the costs necessary to satisfy the project's objectives. While preparing the technical proposal, the Principal Investigator should begin to estimate the costs of the various components of the budget.

It is essential that a draft budget be provided to ORSP as soon as possible so that the ORSP staff may provide assistance with internal funding compliance as well as budgetary requirements of the funding agency.

General Budget Requirements

The items listed below are normally items requested by funding agencies in responding to request for proposal. Please use the information when preparing grant application budgets.


These should be in accordance with the University's pay plan including pay of faculty and all classified employees. All salaries require fringe benefits, which are discussed below.

Fringe Benefits

All projected full-time salaries require the inclusion of the University's contribution to fringe benefits. Current fringe benefits may be obtained from the Office of Fiscal Affairs or the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and also published here. Fringe benefit support provided by ASU includes the following: FICA, Retirement, Health Insurance, Unemployment, and Workers Compensation.

Other Personnel Services

This category includes undergraduate students, graduate students, temporary help, and student assistants who are paid by the hour. All personnel employed through externally funded projects require that fringe benefits be projected in the budget submission. The fringe benefit rate for part-time personnel is calculated on the employer's share of FICA.


These costs should be carefully estimated. Sometimes the agency requires a detailed listing of all supplies along with a price breakdown. Check the guidelines carefully to verify if this is needed.


All equipment to be purchased must be justified, estimates should be obtained from vendors, and the Office of Procurement should be contacted in case bidding procedures are necessary.


Consultants may be justified when the project requires expertise of a specialized nature for a certain period of time. Please review the Personnel Services contracting issues when engaging consultants.


Most agencies want to know where you are going, the purpose and the cost. All travel costs should be calculated on the least expensive means of travel and using the ASU travel regulations. Check agency guidelines carefully to make sure that travel expenses are allowed and for any special requirements they may have.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs refer to expenses that are necessary to the execution of a sponsored project, but that cannot be directly charged to the project. This rate is negotiated between the University and their Federal Cognizant Agency. Our cost Rate Agreement is determined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The rates are available from the Office of Fiscal Affairs or the ORSP.

Cost Sharing

In some cases, cost sharing, or match, is required by the agency. Cost sharing can be voluntary or involuntary. It is imperative that you become aware of such requirements in order to meet the specific needs of the agency. ALL COST SHARING MUST BE APPROVED BY THE OFFICE OF FISCAL AFFAIRS prior to submission of grant applications. Faculty release time must be approved by the Department Chairperson/Dean AND theVICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS.

Other Expenses

Other expenses may include miscellaneous items such as telecommunications, insurance, professional fees, subscriptions, etc. These items should reflect accurate costs and should be justifiable as part of the program and allowable within the guidelines of the funding agency.