Emergency Alert

Emergency telephones:

Emergency telephones are located throughout the campus and can be operated simply by pressing the talk button. An ASU Police Dispatcher will answer and ask specific questions concerning the emergency. The blue light will flash when the telephone is in operation to alert officers and others to the location. The emergency telephones are in operation 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Connect-5 and Audible Siren:

The Connect-5 and Audible Siren systems are ASU's mass notification networks to report severe weather conditions and emergency warnings.

The Connect-5 System is the mass notification emergency warning system by way of the internet.  BlackBoard Connect-5 is the version that has been upgraded with new technology that allows us to notify everyone registered in the system of any emergency on campus.  The system provides warnings of potential weather threats and can send out warnings for all other extreme emergency situations.  You can register up to six phone numbers where the system can expand its message reach to Facebook, Twitter, RSS, voice phone calls, or text messages.

The Audible Siren is located on top of the James Pendergrast Library on ASU's campus and is manually activated by Police personnel in the event of emergency.  This system has severe warning sounds, chimes, and voice notification options.


ASU Campus Alert Connect-5 System

Albany State University acquired the services of Connect-5 to provide campus leaders and security professionals with the ability to reach students, faculty, and staff via telephone (cellular and landline), email, and text messaging. The campus alert emergency mass notification system is administered by the Albany State University Police Department, however, several departments on campus are involved in the project including the Office of Information and Instructional Technology, Human Resources, and the Office of the President. Only authorized representatives from these departments and the University Police can send emergency messages using the campus alert Connect-5 system.

The University's alert system will only be used when there is a severe threat to public safety and health of the entire campus community, which has not been contained or controlled, and when immediate action is required on the part of the recipient group(s), (e.g. school closing, tornado warnings, active-shooters, etc.). Once the situation receives an "all clear" by the proper authorities then this information will be subsequently posted on the ASU Web site at www.asurams.edu.

It should be noted that the emergency alert system will not be used for non-emergency notifications such as lane closures, routine crime updates, localized building emergencies, situations that have been contained or where a threat does not exist, rumor control, and situations where notification is merely a convenience or when ASU’s main Web Site is the most appropriate communication method. The campus alert system will not replace ASU’s main Web Site http://www.asurams.edu for non-urgent messages. The campus alert system, Connect-5, will be tested periodically during the semesters.