Office of University Communications

The mission of the Office of University Communications is to gain and maintain public and private support for Albany State University by effectively communicating the goals, objectives, needs, and priorities of the institution. The Office of University Communications is responsible for several key functions designed to help clients accomplish goals and objectives. Listed below are those functions and associated procedures.

  • Coordinating a News Conference
  • Developing News Releases/Media Advisories
  • Responses to Media Inquiries
  • Publication Design and Layout
  • Photography/Videography Services
  • Photo/Video Shoots
  • Advertising
  • Procurement of Advertisements
  • Publication of Employee Newsletter
  • Publish ASU Investment Report
  • Printing Information
  • Procedures for Printing
  • Placing Information on ASU Marquee
  • Placing Information on ASU-INFO
  • News Clipping Service

Individuals or departments requesting communications support from the Office of University Communications may contact us at (229) 430-4671 or visit us in ACAD room 389.