Student Housing

Student housing will move to the upper campus, as it will surround the new academic buildings. Wakefield said the school currently houses about 38 percent of its students and has a goal of raising that figure to 50 percent by 2018. Funding would come from a revenue bond.

Wakefield said the school would need to build two more buildings to accommodate growth. Concerned professors in the English and science departments each suggested that the next academic building be built after the Charles center should be for their specialty. A new visitor center is also planned.

"There's no expected interest in what the next building will emphasize," Wakefield said. "All of you fight it out and grow your programs and you can come to us." He later told the crowd that any decisions on future academic buildings would "absolutely" include staff input.

However, Travis pointed out that any of the new buildings would likely be built with an expectation that they would be multipurpose in functionality. They would also be used by two or three departments rather than just one as they are in the older, smaller academic buildings.

"To get to 6,800 students is $40 million-$50 million in today's money," he said. "It's not going to be possible to have a building that's unique to (one department) so we can get the most out of all future buildings."