Book Club


The First and Second Year Experience Book Club provides a variety of literature that uplifts, inspires and challenges students. It enables students to discover new knowledge and build long-lasting relationships.

The Book Club provides the opportunity to discuss the books, read current issues and discuss difficulties college students may face. It also strengthens social, verbal, and leadership skills through hands-on experience and exposure to present- day leaders. The Book Club promotes mental stimulation with a combination of exciting events and activities in order to ignite change within undergraduate education.

The First and Second Year Experience Book Club is an excellent program for you if you are an avid reader or collector of books. It can save you a lot of money over purchasing books at retail price. It also gives you a friendly community in which to discuss your readings and learning.


The Book Club receives books from renowned authors such as Joe Martin, DeltorroMcNeal, Simon T. Bailey , Francis Cress Welsing, Kirk Nugent, Marlin Brisco, Pat Patterson and Dr. Patricia Russell McLeod. These authors and more were chosen to be on the book list. ASU alum Pat Patterson, author of "Freaknic," was invited to campus to discuss his book. He accepted the invitation and provided copies of his book to students free of charge.