Move Out

It's that time again. Time to say farewell to your friends and say goodbye to all that "good ole' work." Unfortunately, your friends here in Housing and Residence Life, too, must say adios, au revoir, goodbye. Moving out of the residence halls require a few but highly important steps that can help bring the process to ease. Below we will show you what you need to know to help make your Check Out smooth sailing.

Pre-Move Out

At the time of move-out, check your residence hall for information posted about proper procedures for check out and/ or see Section 24 under General Terms and Conditions in the Housing and Residence Life Agreement.

Move-out Dates

Check-out dates: See current academic calendar click here.

Each resident is required to sign up for an appointment during move-out. See your residence hall staff for more details. Once you have scheduled an appointment for move-out, you must complete the following steps:

Move Out Procedures


6 Quick Steps to Moving Out

1. Complete the Roommate Clean-up Agreement form to be returnd to the Residence Hall Management Staff before your move-out appointment.

2. Clean areas that you are responsible for (Ask your Residence Hall Management Staff for more details.)

3. Remove ALL personal belonging from the assigned unit and/ or room of occupancy.

4. Complete all release forms (inventory form, etc.) with residence hall staff during move-out appointment. (Note: Steps 2 and 3 must be completed prior to appointment time.)

5. Re-issue key to residence hall staff.  Key(s) not returned will result in key replacement fine(s).

6. For non-returning residents, complete the Release Request form then send to:

                                            Housing and Residence Life
                                            Hall 3
                                            504 College Drive
                                            Albany State University
                                            Albany, Georgia 31705
                                            Fax: 229.430.2970


For more information, contact us at 229.430.4741 or