Dual Enrollment

You can be a college and high school student...at the same time.

The Dual Enrollment (DE) program allows high school students to enroll in college level courses. The best part is students get credit for college classes AND their equivalent high school course at no cost or very little cost to the student. There is no charge for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books, providing a huge cost savings for parents and students. Students can enroll part time, full time, online, or on campus classes. Some even graduate with an Associate’s Degree at the same time they graduate from high school. To find out more information and eligibility requirements, please visit the future student’s link.

Parent Testimonial: Lisa Brunson


  • Provides students with an easy transition and an early start to their college careers
  • Earning college credits while still in high school may enable students to graduate early and/or possibly even earn an associate degree
  • Helps students adjust to certain aspects of the college experience (e.g., classes, coursework, instruction, being on a college campus) so the transition from high school to college may be easier
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities with classes and access to the college’s resources and amenities
  • College tuition and expenses are fully or mostly paid, which saves the parents/students money and time
  • Participating in a dual enrollment program demonstrates a student’s ability to handle more difficult coursework which is something college admissions officers may look upon favorably during admissions and recruiting

Course Eligibility

Albany State University welcomes any high school student attending a public, private, or home study program in Georgia to participate in the Dual Enrollment (DE) Program. DE will pay full tuition and fees for students enrolling in approved courses. Course related fees are also the responsibility of the student. This does not come out of a student’s HOPE hours. Tuition and other expenses are the responsibility of the student if non-approved courses are taken.


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Admin Staff Office Hours for Dual Enrollment
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Natarsha Williams

(229) 500-2832