Commuter Meal Plans

Meal plans are designed with all students in mind. Students who do not reside in University owned, operated or managed residence halls have customized meal plan options from which they may choose. Commuter students may also select a residential meal plan option if they so desire. To view the residential meal plan options, please refer to the Residential Meal Plans tab on the right-hand menu.

Meal Plan Details

Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan. If commuter students opt to purchase a meal plan he/she may select any combination of the Basic Board Plan and Dining Dollar Plan options. For example, one can choose a Basic Board Plan only, Dining Dollar Plan Only or a Basic Board Plan and a Dining Dollar Plan. Basic Board Plans and Dining Dollar plans may be added anytime throughout the semester. Meal plans and dining dollars will not be activated until all fees are paid in full. 

Meal Plan Cancellations

Commuter students may cancel a chosen meal plan within two business days from the initial day of activation without penalty. Starting the third business day from the initial activation, the meal plan is non-refundable and no refunds will be processed. If dining dollars were utilized, charges will be based on the actual expenditures through the cancellation date.

FALL 2019 & SPRING 2020

                                                                    BASIC BOARD PLANS

Block 25 25 meal swipes per semester $185
Block 50 50 meal swipes per semester $360
Block 75 75 meal swipes per semester $525



                                                                                Pay $150; Receive $170 
                                                                                Pay $200; Receive $226 
                                                                                Pay $250; Receive $283


For further details regarding the terms and conditions outlining commuter meal plans, please refer to the contract linked below.