Residential Meal Plans

Students who reside in University owned, operated or managed residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. Students who do not select a meal plan by the published deadlines will automatically be charged the highest meal plan and dining dollar plan offered that semester. 

Meal Plan Requirements

Residential meal plans have two components: 1) Basic Board Plan and 2) Dining Dollar Plan.

 Total Meal Plan Cost = Basic Board Plan + Dining Dollars Plan

The board and dining dollar plans from which the choices must be made are listed below. 

FALL 2019 & SPRING 2020  


RAMS Platinum Unlimited meals per week $1,930
RAMS Gold 19 meals per week $1,755
RAMS Silver 14 meals per week $1,645
RAMS Bronze 10 meals per week $1,380
Block 190 190 meal swipes per semester $1,525
Block 110 110 meal swipes per semester
(available ONLY to Halls 3 & 4)
  • Unused meal swipes do not roll over from week-to-week or semester-to-semester.
  • All board plans consist of any combination of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only one meal swipe per meal period per day allowed, i.e., one swipe for breakfast per day, one swipe for lunch per day, or one swipe for dinner per day unless the RAMS Platinum plan is chosen.
  • The unlimited meal plan may only be used to swipe for meals for the person who purchased the plan. Swipes for guests are not allowed unless a guest meal plan is purchased. To purchase a guest meal plan, please refer to the Guest Meal Plan tab on the right-hand side of this page. 


Pay $150; Receive $170 to spend
Pay $200;Receive $226 to spend
Pay $250; Receive $283 to spend


General Information

Access to the meal plan is through use of the RAM ID card at the cashier station of the dining hall or retail site. NO RAM ID CARD, NO MEAL!

Students are allowed one free replacement RAM ID card during their time at ASU. Once the free replacement card is given, a $25 replacement fee is required for lost, stolen or damaged ID cards.

Dining Dollars may be used to purchase breakfast, lunch or dinner in the cafes on both east and west campuses or at any retail establishment, i.e., RAMS Hideaway, Golden Espresso, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Subway or the Food Truck. The meal plan holder is not limited as to what he/she may purchase during the day as long as funds are available.

Students may purchase additional dining dollar plans throughout the semester. Any unused dining dollars that remain at the end of each semester are refunded within 30 days from the last day of the semester. Note: unused dining dollars will be refunded at a cost equal to or less than the initial cost of plan, i.e., if the $150 dining dollar plan is chosen, a refund cannot exceed $150.  For example, if the $150 dining dollar plan is chosen, and a remaining balance of $50 is left at the end of the semester, the refund amount processed would be $30.

For further details regarding terms and conditions outlining the residential meal plans, please refer to the contract linked below.