ASU Online/Hybrid Testing Information

This information is for Albany State University students who need to test in-person at the ASU West Campus Testing Center.

Location & Contact information

  • ASU West Campus Testing Center - 2400 Gillionville Road, Building G-101, next to the Library
  • Email:
  • Phone:  229-500-2921

Testing Appointments


  • Bring a photo ID. ASU ID card or current government-issue photo ID is required.

Check-in Procedures & Rules

  • Turn cell phone off and enter the Testing Center quietly.
  • Visitors, children, family, and friends are not permitted to stay in the Testing Center during your test. Persons not taking a test are not permitted to wait in the Testing Center.
  • Appointments are required for all tests.
  • No head coverings, hats, caps, or hoods pulled up are allowed during testing. Head coverings worn for religious purposes or approved by testing staff are allowed.
  • Testing Staff will assign you a locker to store all of your personal belongings except for your photo ID and allowed teacher resources. Allowed resources will be verified.
  • Personal belongings to be stored in your locker include, but not limited to: cell phones, smart watches, electronic devices, listening, recording, photographic devices, purses, wallets, keys, papers, book bags, sunglasses, head coverings, hats, caps, food and drinks.
  • The Testing Center is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • Sign-in at the Proctor Station. Show your photo ID and calculator, if allowed for your test.
  • Know your instructor's name, course number (ex. BIOL 2411), and test number or name.
  • The Proctor will provide you testing instructions and assign you to a computer.
  • Scratch paper will be provided, if allowed for your test. Scratch paper must be returned to the Proctor before exiting the Testing Center.
  • No talking to other examinees during a test.
  • Restroom breaks are allowed (unless otherwise stated), however, the time out of the testing room cannot be made up. Excessive or extended breaks are documented and/or reported to your instructor as an irregularity

Academic Honesty



Be Aware

Notice: NetSupport In Use. Proctor has ability to: View Computer Monitor, and Remote control a PC Smile Camera