Business Operations and Contracts

Final Report


  • ASU Cochair – John Clemens, Interim CBO, ASU/DSC
  • DSC Cochair – Stan Brown, AVP Fiscal Affairs


Albany State University

  • Dorothy Martin, Controller
  • Amitabh Singh, Director of Application Services
  • Vevilyn Noel, General Accounting Manager
  • Sharon Smith, Student Accounts Coordinator

Darton State College

  • Pam Coston, Senior Accountant
  • Classie Johnson, Accountant
  • Amanda Mann, Accountant
  • Debbie Sawyer, Business Office Manager


  • Ensure Integrity of Financial Information PSFT
  • Address Detail Codes Banner
  • Address Data Feeds from Banner and ADP to PeopleSoft
  • Merge Financial Systems PeopleSoft
  • Address FDMRs, audits, consolidated reports and timeframes
  • SAO address State CAFR, SEFA, TIGA, CAP
  • OST Address Bank Accounts and Other Banking Matters
  • Develop Accounting Processes and Procedures
  • Transfer Assets
  • Transfer Bank Accounts
  • Determine Use of ADP by Consolidated University
  • Address Insurance and Benefit Vendors
  • Standardize Business Procedures and Processes
  • Coordinate with Rating and Lending Agencies
  • Address Investment Accounts
  • Determine Changes to PeopleSoft Trees
  • Address Credit Card and Merchant Accounts
  • Coordinate with Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
  • Set Business Unit Number in PeopleSoft
  • Determine Changes to Delivered Reports PSFT
  • Federal: Coordinate with IRS, Grants, Foundations, DUNS, FEI
  • Create New Checks
  • Address Non Standard Chart Fields PSFT
  • Send Notice to MSRB and Others for PPVs
  • Coordinate with Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Determine Authorized Signatures
  • Address Issues Related to Historical and New Access and Retention PSFT
  • 1099/1098T/1042 Reporting
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Record Retention Location Access
  • MRR, GSFIC Accounting
  • Agency Accounts
  • Travel
  • Coordinate with Veterans Services
  • Coordinate with Vocational Rehabilitation