Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair - Alicia Jackson, Dean, College of Business
  • DSC Cochair - Preston Sweet, Associate Professor of Computing Disciplines


Albany State University

  • Cynthia Bennett, Chair and Professor of Business Information Systems
  • Damitha Bandara, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Logistics
  • Devi Akella, Associate Professor of Management
  • Tracy Williams, Director of Career Services

Darton State College

  • Aaron Johnson, Assistant Professor of Economics & Occupational Experience Coordinator
  • Corrine Sweet, Associate Professor of Business
  • Valerie Cochran, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Paralegal Studies
  • Wendy Kennedy, Chair of Business and Social Sciences


  • Address Program and Curriculum Differences
  • Streamline Program Offerings
  • Combine Curriculums