Faculty Honors and Awards

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair - George Thomas, Professor of Criminal Justice & Faculty Liaison
  • DSC Cochair - Victoria Smith-Butler, Assoc. Professor of Communication, Chair, Humanities


Albany State University

  • Dr. Dorene Medlin, Asst. Professor, College of Education
  • Ms. Andrea Felton, Executive Assistant to the Provost/VPAA
  • Dr. Rani George, Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Hema Mason, Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Psychology

Darton State College

  • Mr. Larry Anderson, Assoc. Professor of Journalism
  • Mr. Aaron Johnson, Asst. Professor of Economics
  • Ms. Allethea Brooks, Program Dir. of Respiratory Care, Instructor of Respiratory Care


  • Consolidate Faculty Honors and Awards Programs into a Single Program