Functional Area Coordinators

Art Dunning, ASU President
Richard Carvajal, Interim DSC President
Cynthia Evers - ASU Interim VP for Student Affairs & Success
Dr. Olufunke A. Fontenot, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Kimberly Holmes, Interim Associate Provost
Randae Davis, DSC Director of Development
Lea Henry, DSC Interim Director of Athletics
Wendy Wilson, Executive Director for the Darton State College Cordele Center
Cynthia George, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Rowena Daniels, ASU Chief Legal Affairs Officer
Shawn McGee, ASU/DSC Senior Vice President for Administration
Lee Howell, DSC Director of Physical Plant
Kimberly Carter, DSC Interim Director of Human Resources
Del Kimbrough, ASU Interim VP Information Technology
Katherine Laster, ASU Director of Internal Auditing
Kevin Scott, ASU Assoc, Professor in English and Modern Languages
Rocco Capello, DSC Dean of Students, Director of Resident Life