HR, including Position Descriptions and Salary Bands

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Cassandra Alexander, Interim HR Dir.
  • DSC Cochair – Kimberly Carter, Interim HR Dir.


Albany State University

  • Rowena Daniels, Interim University Attorney
  • Sheila Florence, Benefits Coordinator
  • Larry Wakefield, CFO/ Vice President of Fiscal Affairs
  • Wynell Wilson, Personnel Specialist III

Darton State College

  • Tifanie Hudson, Compensation & Benefits Specialist
  • Kristine Jones, Recruitment Coordinator
  • Megan Weaver, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Felissa Thomas, HR Assistant


  • Establish Process and Procedures for Hiring and RIFs
  • Establish Process and Procedures for Determining Staff Seniority
  • Create New Position Descriptions
  • Determine Need for Salary Adjustments
  • Ensure Effective Implementation of Controls (Flowcharts, Segregated Duties)
  • Combine Org Charts
  • Establish Workweek Schedule for 12 Month Faculty and Staff