Registered Student Organizations

Final Report

Approved Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Leslie Charles, Interim Director of Student Activities
  • DSC Cochair – Gill Moura, Interim Director for Campus Life


Albany State University

  • Venessa McKinney, Asst. Director Student Life and Activities
  • Jasmine Murphy, Graduate Student Resident Assistant
  • Dr. Marlene Ramsey, Criminal Justice Faculty
  • Jabari Ben, Graduate Student Resident Assistant
  • Leslie Charles, Darton/ASU Liaison

Darton State College

  • Jason Armstrong, Criminal Justice Program Director
  • Rachel Pipkins, Student
  • Dr. Elizabeth Davenport, Dance Faculty
  • Frank Malinowski, Interim Assoc. VPSA
  • Kaitlyn Tatum, Transitional Studies and Academic Retention Coordinator


  • Develop and/or Integrate Process for Establishing Registered Student Organizations
  • Develop & Define Categories of Registered Student Organizations: (Competitive Teams- Non Sport, Service, Academic, Honor Society, Cultural/Religious, etc.)
  • Develop Policies for Clubs & Organizations to Maintain Active Status
  • Develop Code of Conduct for Clubs and Organizations
  • Develop Advisor Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Determine Faculty Leadership of Student Organizations and Clubs
  • Integrate OrgSync System for both campuses