Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Victoria Eiland, Registrar
  • DSC Cochair – Frances Carr, Registrar


Albany State University

  • Kimberly Burgess, Off-Campus Liaison
  • Rowena Daniels, Interim Legal Counsel
  • Joyce Jenkins, Registrar’s Office

Darton State College

  • Kyle Sawyer, Enrollment Management Tech Support
  • Nicole Horn, Assistant Registrar
  • Kimberly Carter, Human Resources
  • Lori Bullington, Graduation Coordinator


  • Consolidate Admissions, Registrations, and Graduation(undergraduate and graduate) Policies & Procedures
  • Determine Grade Reporting Processes
  • Address Student Records Policies and Procedures
  • Develop Transcript Specifications
  • Consolidate FERPA Training
  • Address Security Issues- Records