Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Dr. Ashok Jain, Professor , Biology
  • DSC Cochair – Dr.Craig Flowers , Dean, School of Science, Math & Computing, Professor of Chemistry


Albany State University

  • Dr. Olatunde Okediji, Prof. and Dept. Chair
  • Dr. Dorene Medlin, Prof. Science Education
  • Dr. Zachariah Oommen, Prof. Forensic Science
  • Dr. Ghislain Mandouma, Associate Prof. of Chemistry
  • Ms. Mallory Clark, Lab Manager
  • Mrs. Gloria Drake, Office Manager (as needed)

Darton State College

  • Dr. Lauren Mueller, Asst. Prof. Biology
  • Dr. Indra Mukhopadhyay, Assoc. Prof. Physics/Engineering
  • Ms. Wanda Lewis, Assoc. Prof. Science Education
  • Ms. Harnetha Dodd, Lab Coordinator
  • Ms. Wanda Laster, Senior Admin. Asst. (as needed)


  • Address Program and Curriculum Differences
  • Streamline Program Offerings
  • Combine Curriculums