Sports, Scheduling, and Scholarships

Final Report

Approved CIC Recommendations


  • ASU Cochair – Dr. Richard Williams, Director of Athletics
  • DSC Cochair – Lea Henry, Interim Athletic Director


Albany State University

  • Dr. Stephanie Harrison-Dyer, Asst. Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator/ Compliance Officer
  • Daniel Stockdale, Head Baseball Coach
  • Monica Watson, Administrative Assistant
  • Stanley McCormick, Sports Information Director/Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator

Darton State College

  • Adam Thornton, Student Support/Eligibility Coordinator/Facility Manager
  • Ken Veilands, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
  • Rebecca M. Borer, Head Athletic Trainer
  • Michael Kiefer, Assistant Vice-President of Academic Affairs


  • Combine Athletic Departments