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Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

Faculty-led study abroad trips provide an important piece of the overall study abroad picture at Albany State University. ASU and the Office of Office of International Education have had several well-respected study abroad programs of this type that are highly successful.

Faculty members who lead these programs accept responsibility for students’ well being while abroad and spend significant time and energy in pre-planning and in carrying out logistical details while abroad.

Even experienced faculty members who are accustomed to the role of classroom instructor may find the additional role of travel agent, bookkeeper, security guard, first aid administrator, confidante, social planner, and emergency responder to be an overwhelming task. The Office of International Education can provide a framework for most aspects of planning a short-term faculty-led program abroad including budgetary planning, logistical factors, curricular issues, and emergency preparedness.

In support of these programs, Office of International Education staff can advise faculty leaders, direct interested students, support administrative functions and conduct targeted pre-departure orientation sessions (required for all study abroad participants).

Please click the links to access the resources below and contact Office of International Education for more information.

University System of Georgia (USG) International Education Policies, Procedures, and Forms
USG Faculty Study Abroad Handbook
Study Abroad Practices & Procedures Manual 

ASU Faculty Guidelines for Study Abroad Programs Proposals
The above guideline gives faculty step-by-step instructions on developing a proposal for a study abroad program.

Faculty Course Approval Template
Official course approval that must be approved by Academic Affairs in order to proceed with a study abroad program. Attach syllabus for each class to this form when submitting to ASU Office of Office of International Education

Study Abroad Syllabus Guideline
Memorandum of Understanding Template (MOU)
An MOU is a contract or agreement between ASU and the host institution abroad.

Sample Budget and Cost Breakdown
See the ASU Faculty Guidelines for more information on how to create a budget for your study abroad program.